Lockhart's Authentic offers four unique holds to cater to anyone and everyone's style. From rockabilly to business formal, pompadours to slick backs, Lockhart's has a pomade for any hairstyle. Lockhart's is a husband and wife team ran by my wife Nichole and myself. We operate out of our own kitchen here in Owosso Michigan. We take pride in creating a quality product with quality ingredients that are safe to use (you can pronounce every ingredient on our label). We make our pomades in small batches and distribute it worldwide. Needless to say we spend a lot of time in our kitchen. Anyways on to the meat and potatoes of this entry.

I'd like to discuss our products in order of hold starting from lightest and working our way to the heaviest pomade.

So first off, let's begin with the Lockhart's Light Hold Pomade. Of course it is a petroleum based pomade as is all of our other pomades (heavy hold is microcrystalline wax based which is a petroleum material, let's not get too complicated and just stick with petroleum however). Once you open the tin you are met with a nice scent of cinnamon and clove. The light hold pomade is very easy to scoop and very easy to apply to your hair. You'll find that styling with this product is a breeze as well, little to no tug when running a comb through your hair. This pomade is unique because although it is a light hold pomade it does offer a little bit of hold (kind of similar to the hold of Black and White pomade but slightly lighter). Because of this you can style a smaller pompadour if you please. Even though if this product is used as a standalone, chances are, you're not looking to get an awful lot of height from it. Most folks using it as a standalone will use it to style a more conservative hair style like a contour or a slick back.

Being a light hold pomade many people will want to use it as a topper to add shine on top of their heavier hold pomades. It works great as a topper as well due to its high petroleum and oil (coconut and avocado) content. Nice thing about using this pomade as a topper is that it doesn't severely decrease the hold of a heavy pomade due to the fact that it does have both beeswax and microcrystalline wax in the recipe (this doesn't mean that it won't decrease hold, it will, just not significantly). The oils used in this pomade mix with each other very well to offer a nice greasy shine without looking like you slathered a handful of crisco in your hair. Coconut oil is actually similar to the natural oils that a human already produces in their hair follicles, this makes for a nice natural sheen. Avocado oil is an oil that is high in fat content which gives it the greasy high sheen appearance. Once combined you get a nice sheen that's both natural yet noticeable.

Next let's talk about the Lockhart's Medium Hold Pomade. This is our original recipe, the first pomade we ever released, some may even remember the original name for this pomade. This pomade was designed to be a nice middle ground, not too heavy and not too light, just enough strength to hold up a pompadour with enough shine to make all users happy. This pomade is slightly waxy which gives it it's strength. The waxiness also leaves the hair feeling smooth instead of overly greasy. When opening the tin you're met with a nice masculine scent of Arabian Sandalwood. Due to the strength it is a little firm when breaking into the top layer but once the top layer has been broken it scoops out of the tin nice and smooth. Once the user warms the pomade up between their palms it applies to the hair nice and smooth with only a small amount of tug. Combing and styling with this pomade is very easy as well. A medium sized pompadour should be fairly easy for most people to style.

Lockhart's Goon Grease is the next pomade we'll be talking about. This is a Lockhart's staple and has quickly become the most popular pomade of our lineup. Goon Grease is the newest product in the Lockhart's lineup. When designing this pomade we wanted to solve the problem of heavy holds having no shine. We heard many people looking for a pomade that has a heavy hold and a high shine without having to use a topper. I'm confident in saying that we were able to solve these problems with Goon Grease. Another bonus on top of this was that it actually applied and styled incredibly easy. Most people claim that it applies and styles as easy as a light/medium hold pomade. Very little tugging when applying. Goon Grease comes in two different scents. One scent is a nice fresh lemony scent that most people claim smells like lemon candy (lemonheads). The other choice of scent is a more masculine scent, it's a blend of cinnamon and sandalwood. Most users can style a perfect tall pompadour in under 5 minutes. This pomade can withstand summer temperatures but will begin to soften up (slightly) once it reaches into the mid 90's.


The last pomade in the Lockhart's lineup is the Heavy Hold Pomade. The heavy hold pomade is a microwax based pomade (a petroleum substance). The heavy hold is certainly the heaviest hold in the lineup (many ask which is heavier, Goon Grease or Heavy Hold; the answer is Heavy Hold). This pomade is very popular with the people that are looking to get the tallest pompadour possible. The mixture of microwax, beeswax, and petroleum (along with other oils) gives this pomade it's heavy level of hold while still being fairly easy to scoop and apply. It is the toughest of the lineup to apply but it's not impossible and it's not necessary to use a hairdryer to warm it up first.

The fragrance is a blend of coconut and vanilla, a nice fresh scent. As I've stated already it's fairly easy to scoop (for a heavy hold, you do still need tough fingers to dig it out, but it's not incredibly difficult by any means). It may take some time to warm this pomade up between your palms but users will certainly want to warm it up thoroughly to ensure that it applies as easy as possible and coats the hairs properly. It's also important to be sure to comb the pomade through thoroughly to ensure that it's spread evenly through the hair. Combing does have some tug to it but styling shouldn't be too difficult. The heavy hold doesn't have a very high shine to it so if someone is looking for a matte finish this is the pomade for them. If adding some shine is important I suggest using Lockhart's light hold as a topper. This pomade is the most weatherproof in the lineup and can normally withstand most summer temperatures.