"Slickest Heavy Pomade Ever" -By James Bui

Goon Grease Hair Pomade

When I was first introduced to this pomade, its packaging and color reminding me of Voodoo Brew by High Life — in a bad way. But man…was I effin’ wrong. I’m glad you guys kept on pushing me to give it a try and thank you to Mr. Pomade of Pomade.com who helped me get a hold of Lockhart’s Goon Grease.

Upon receiving the product. It comes in a nice solid black 4 oz.. tin can with labeling/branding only on the top face. The brewer kindly wraps the tin can with vinyl tape. It’s a small detail, but one that I do not overlook. By doing so, the product is sealed for freshness and safekeeping in the sadly-not-too-uncommon event that damage is incurred during shipping.

The scent sits on the fence between a melted Lemonhead and the fresh lemon aroma from a recently-done batch of laundry. It’s refreshing and I can dig it.

Goon Grease Pomade Uncapped


Whether it’s just luck or fate, I feel like I am continuously introduced to better and better products. If I had been given the chance to try Lockhart’s Goon Grease earlier, it would have definitely changed my perspectives and expectations of all pomades in the heavy hold category.

If any of you have ever tried The Classics pomade, Goon Grease scoops out just as easily if not smoother than that medium pomade. It’s effin’ ridiculous. I shit you not. Look at the picture. Notice that my finger is not pale from pressure. I am pushing firmly but not overly exerting at all, yet the product is shearing away easily. I love it. 

Applying it to the hair was smooth. It smears into a sticky butter and goes in easily. It’s hard and somewhat-unreasonable compare it to Grandad’s line because that line is a relatively wax-heavy product — whereas Goon Grease was definitely petro-heavy. But if I force the comparison, its very comparable to the Light Weight. 

This is the first time I’ve ever applied a heavy hold pomade like it was a light weight product. 


Time. Goon Grease provides the user with a fantastic range of control. It took almost no time to style with this product thanks to its effective strength and greasiness. This allowed me to keep everything together and put it all where I want it.

Slickness. As of now, this product sits on the top of my list as the slickest product I have. Take a look the shine it gives (go ahead and compare to the other products I’ve tried) and difference in hair patterns. It’s a beauty and this is Goon Grease’s strongest characteristic.

Strength. I didn’t notice a great amount strength in Goon Grease…and that is perfect. Just because you have the ability to give it all strength you can imagine, doesn’t mean you should. It should be carefully formulated to give the user the most effective strength as possible without going overboard. My pomp was tall, yet it retained a great shape.

The Pomp - Hair styled with Goon Grease Pomade

The Pomp - Hair Styled With Goon Grease Pomade


Done. No competition. This is my favorite heavy pomade. My pomades of choice now sit at Lockhart’s Goon Grease, Grandad’s Light Weight, and The Daimon Barber No. 1. 

Goon Grease sets the bar for a heavy hold product. I’m actually at a loss for words right now. I love it. If you need a heavy hold product, please allow me to simplify your decision. Throw all your other choices out the windows and just get a jar of Lockhart’s Goon Grease. 

Be sure to check out Mr. Pomade’s selection at Pomade.com! He’s got one of the best selections of pomade out there and shipping is always free within the US — whether you buy one or fifty jars.

-James Bui A.K.A. The Pomp