In the continuous search for a pomade that can stand up to the AZ summertime heat I am trying an ATP home brew. It’s made by ATP member Steve Lockhart. And as you know it’s a heavy pomade. However, he has a medium and a light as well. I will get to those later on after the summer is over. Maybe this can be the one that beats the heat!

Lockhart's Heavy Hold Pomade

It’s packaged in the black 4oz slip cover tins. These tins are becoming more and more popular these days. I think I’m going have to find these for when I release my black pomade. It has just the lid label, which is black with white ink. It doesn’t have any design or character or graphic at all. Which I think is cool, it brings the classic look back. It reminds me of the 30′s-40′s era. In the very center it says “Lockhart’s” in all caps. In the outer ring above that it says “authentic” and below is “hair pomade.” Just below the name is the ingredient list and weight. Above the name describes the hold and says “proudly made in Michigan.” I really like the look of this label it’s very simple and clean.

Lockhart's Heavy Hold Pomade open can

When I pulled off the lead I saw a yellowish waxy looking pomade. It looks kind of like The Iron Society or Grandad’s does. However, it does not smell like either of those. This one smells kind of like the Christmas season to me. It smells exactly like a chocolate mint coffee from Starbucks. And it smells good!!! I can’t wait to get this stuff into my hair. I may do a revisited review of this one as part of the “12 Pomades of Christmas” series this year, who knows.

As I scooped it out it felt a lot like the South Side Soaps pomades did. But this one also has a very tacky/creamy texture to it along with being very waxy. I like the texture quite a bit and am anxious to get this pomade in my hair, because I think it will work well.

Lockhart's Heavy Hold Pomade

As soon as I rubbed my hands together it got very very waxy and lost all of its creaminess. It felt like a slightly less waxy version of putrescence. I even had to clap my hands together to get it to be somewhat sticky like I do with putrescence. Even not felt like putrescence, it actually applied like Rob’s Slick w 50. I was able to run my hands over and through my hair fairly easily. But a layer of wax did not come off my hands and wanted to stay on after I applied it. Even trying to wash it off didn’t work I had to rub my hands on my jeans and then a towel to get all of it off my hands.

Even combing this stuff was surprisingly easy for how waxy it felt. It’s about like combing Rob’s, but with a little more resistance. It took me a little while to get it worked in real good. Once I did it was even easier to comb around. I was able to get a nice medium pomp with this stuff. I tried to get a taller one, but for some reason my hair looked very hollow when I had a really tall pomp. So I settled for a medium one instead. This pomade doesn’t really have much shine to it at all. I didn’t really expect it to since it’s such a waxy one. One thing I did notice was that the scent changed once it was in my hair. It smelled more like Andes mints once I had my pomp combed.

Lockhart's Heavy Hold Pomade Pomp

I didn’t really have much to do that day but I made time to go outside and run some errands and do a few chores to see how this stuff holds up. Unfortunately, yet another one bites the dust. After about an hour of running errands my hair started to soften up. Then when I started to do my chores outside my hair completely fell apart. This Arizona heat is making all these heavy holds drop like flies. I was able to recomb it into a somewhat parted slick back and my hair still looked okay, but it would not stay up in a pomp. Once it cooled off I tried to recall my hair up into a pomp, but it just wouldn’t stay there.

Lockhart's Heavy Hold Pomade pomp

The next day I got up and noticed that almost none of the pomade had come out of my hair. So I didn’t even bother adding any when I went to stop my hair. I just threw in a little bit of hair tonic and combed it up. I wasn’t able to quite get the same amount of height as I did the first day, but it still held pretty good. I had a few little stray hairs on the top of my head that I didn’t notice until I took the picture, but I put those into place right after. Again like the first day that he really softened my hair up and I couldn’t keep it in a pomp all day long. But my hair still looked good the way I had it combed after it fell. It didn’t have a funk wave or anything like that from being in a pomp for a while like it does with some pomades.

As a heavy pomade Lockhart's heavy hold pomade is pretty decent. I think of the heat wasn’t so high this stuff would hold a lot better. But Arizona just has brutal summers and right now is the hottest part of the year. I really loved the scent on this stuff a lot! It’s becoming one of my favorites the more I wear it. I would definitely say check this stuff out, it’s a decent pomade. I think in the winter time it will hold really well and it has a fall/winter like scent to it.  

Keep it greasy guys,