Lone Star Pomade's product are ideal for modern, retro and old-school hair styles that date back to the 40′s and 50′s; such as business cuts, slick backs, D.A.’s, flattops, pompadours, Victory Rolls and some Fauxhawks/ Mohawks with a hold that lasts. The design for LSP was to keep in mind both men and women’s hair and to be able to satisfy the wants and the desires of both groups.

LSP – Classic and Super were designed to be a water soluble pomade and were designed for both men and women in mind and many different hair styles. These both work well to keep flyaway’s at the hairline neat, kept and parts clean and defined.  Another advantage of these two products is that women can also use them with their curling iron and/or curlers to ensure a nice defined curl.


LSP-Texas Crude Wax formula is designed for the more traditional pomade users. This pomade is a non-drying formula that keeps your hair in place with no flaking and a strong hold with a nice shine. This pomade is not a water soluble pomade, it is a Petrolatum and Beeswax blend to make a pomade that is fresh, slick, &  does the trick.