Today I am using the water based/water soluble, Lone Star Pomade. And I’m starting with their Classic hold. I contacted Chris over at LSP and we talked a bit about pomades and other bs stuff. After our chat I bought a jar of each hold he offers. Like I always do, I started with the lighter hold first and went for his Classic.

It comes in a white plastic jar with a screw top lid. Very similar to Black & White only slightly smaller. It has a wrap-around label on the side and a label on the lid as well. Now this stuff come out of the biggest continental U.S. state, Texas, hence the name. The side label has the state outline with “Lone Star Pomade” in red outlined, black block letters and the “o” has a star coming from the state trailing into it. Underneath that it says “LSP-Classic” then “(regular hold).” And on the side label it lists the ingredients and directions. The lop lid label has the same logo as the front with the state and name, and it also has their website. I love this label/packaging! Simple but awesome, short and to the point.

Lone Star Pomade Classic Hold tub

Opening this jar up you automatically get a nice whiff of this pomade! It’s one of the cleanest smells I’ve ever came across, not only with pomade but soap, detergent, fabric softener, etc etc. Plus it has this really sharp after-smell (like an after-taste but for your nose) I can’t quite distinguish it but it’s kind of sweet/slightly floral. It’s a very nice smell, definitely moved to my top 10 favorite pomade scents. The color of this pomade is almost the same as the container. As you can see, well almost not see, the pomade blends into the container and almost looks nonexistent. The glossiness of it allows you to see it in the container tho.

Lone Star Pomade Classic Hold open tub

Grabbing a finger-full of this stuff was probably the most unexpected grab I’ve ever done. Now it’s a water based/soluble pomade, however, this stuff pulls out like a medium pomade does! It seriously feels just like a medium grease! How awesome is that?!! Placing it in my palms and rubbing it around, this stuff gets harder. Huh? Weird. It gets kind of gummy. Now that’s not a bad thing, just really unexpected. I have a feeling that’s what’s going to give it it’s hold.

Lone Star Pomade Classic Hold

Putting it in my hair, it goes in like most water solubles. It’s more close to Layrite than Monkey Brains, but still different than both. Now on the first day I put it in my hair when it was damp per Chris’ instructions. It combed trough my hair super easy, unlike most water soluble pomades out there. However, when I went to style my pomp it stiffened up. When I was combing it back or to the side it was smooth. When I went to pull up the front of my hair it would make a vertical wall of hair. This stuff would be great for flat-tops, wedges, mohawks and liberty spikes!

Now it took me some playin’ around with my hair to get it to be more curvy than angular. But after a couple mins I got it to do what I wanted it to and I got some serious height to my hair with this stuff! Plus it’s kind of shiny! Y’all know I like me some shine. Now it’s not as much as a grease but it’s not a matte finish either.

Lone Star Pomade Classic Hold pomp

Day two with this stuff, I let my hair air dry and tried putting the pomade in that way. You can’t always follow the directions. It was a little harder to work around and get in. Should’ve just listened haha. It wasn’t bad at all though, it was just harder to tame the little flyaway hairs. It also doesn’t have as much shine to it when it’s applied to drier hair.

Lone Star Pomade Classic Hold pomp

On the third day I used this pomade I put it in when my hair was a little more than damp. It went in about the same and had about the same shine as when my hair was damp. So follow Chris’ instructions. I didn’t take a picture the third day so you guys don’t have to look at 3 pictures of me.

Now washing this stuff out was really easy. When I took a shower I got my hair wet and within 10 seconds all, yup all, of this pomade was out of my hair. Probably the best washability of any water soluble pomade I’ve used so far. And my hair felt sooooo soft after my shower! This stuff is like a conditioner too! I didn’t shampoo that day either. Just washed out with water.

On one last note, this pomade does harden when it dries. The more wet your hair is the more it hardens. However I did break up the hardness and I didn’t really see flakes like with a gel or hairspray. I saw a few here and there but I think it’s cause I used too much pomade. I had to wash off a lot from my hands, so I kind of wasted some. I know, shame on me.

Lone Star Classic Pomade is a  great product and is a must for my collection. I will definitely be grabbing more of this stuff when I’m out!

Keep it slick guys,