Hey guys, here’s the second and final installment of Mom Made Pomade. I used the medium hold last week and loved it! Now on to the Heavy hold.

Mom Made Heavy Weight Pomade top label

This one comes in the exact same tin and has the same labeling. The red background with the mom/house wife holding the can of pomade and the name in white letters. However, Dawn did say she is going to be putting yellow labels on the hard hold to distinguish which is which. Great idea in my opinion. I always think different colored labels and/or tins make for a more diverse looking collection.

Mom Made Heavy Weight Pomade open can

When I opened this one the lid came off super easy like the last one did. And I saw the same white pomade in the tin. This one was slightly less shiny and had a more waxy look to it. It makes sense since this one is the more firm one of the two. This one also has the same scent as the medium hold does. A nice sweet lemony, tea tree smell. I really like the smell of these pomades!

Mom Made Heavy Weight Pomade

As I scooped it out, I didn’t really notice that much of a difference however. It was slightly harder to push through the surface, but scooping it felt about the same. It’s making me wonder if this one will hold the same or more.

Even spreading it between my palms felt exactly the same, a nice creamy and waxy pomade. This one wasn’t quite as shiny in my hands as the last one, but it still had some nice shine to it. The texture was nearly identical though, just slightly less greasy.

Also applying it was the same as the medium. I’m beginning to wonder if it is going to hold any different at all. I mean I love how it went in, it was nice and smooth and coated my hair really evenly. I just wonder if it is going to be the same hold since it seems to be pretty much the same pomade. Only time will tell though.

Mom Made Heavy Weight Pomade pomp

When I combed it I noticed the difference finally. It combed slightly more difficultly, now it wasn’t hard to comb by any means, just not as easy as the medium. It combed more like it was a waxier pomade(which it is), not quite as smooth as its greasier counterpart.

I was able to get about the same height as the medium, so hold wise I didn’t see any difference. I did notice a big difference in the shine aspect. This one was significantly less shiny. Also this one held more like a wax and let a few flyaways stick out. I was easily able to get them into place though.

The second day I noticed a bit more hold because of the build up, but it wasn’t that much more than the medium. I maybe got another 1/4-1/2″ in height. And the second day my hair was slightly more shiny, which I really liked. The build up I got with this stuff I actually preferred over the medium. It just made my hair feel nicer.

Mom Made Heavy Weight Pomade pomp

Another great thing I noticed while using this stuff for a few days was how it combed. With build up it was a little more difficult on the first combing/application of the pomade. However, recombing it was easier than the medium for me. And I liked how this one held up throughout the day. It held more like a wax and didn’t really soften up too much, not as much as the other did. My hair stayed more in place with this one than the medium. Which is good, especially on the days when I need my hair to stay put.

Overall, I really liked both Mom Made Pomades. I liked them both equally and for different reasons and will use both for different occasions. Big big thank you to Dawn for sending me the little care package she did! It was really awesome of her to do that!

See Y'all soon