"British Pomade" - By James Bui

Mr. Natty Pomade Wax

By recommendation from Edgar AKA Mr. Pomade of Pomade.com, I agreed to give this product a try. Honestly, I had refrained from doing so because of the way it looked. I’m not a fan of the design work or the presentation; however, the performance of this product would prove me these things were worth overlooking.

So, let me introduce you to Mr. Natty Pomade Wax.

Mr. Natty Pomade Wax Review

Opening it up…as an American, I just smell a nice and clean floral-like scent. Supposedly, I guess Britians would associate this smell to ‘Parma Violets’ which is their equivalent to our Smarties (the candy). Either way, it is actually a very pleasant scent and strangely, even more pleasant when in my hair.


This stuff has the consistency of Pomps Not Dead OG, so it is really easy to apply. Scooping out is so easy that you should probably concentrate on NOT scooping out too much. Getting it into the hair is very easy as well. You’ll best see this in my hand motions in the video.


Time. It took about an average amount of time to style. The consistency and overall feel of the product is an midway between Byrd Hair Pomade and Pomps Not Dead OG — two of my most favorite mediumweight oil-based pomades. That allows me to style predictably.

Slickness. The slickness is actually very similar to Ironfist Lightweight. So, we’re expecting all stray hairs to be capture and a nice light sheen all-around that simulates a very healthy, natural shine.

Strength. It’s not as strong as Byrd Hair Pomade, but it is a lil waxier than Pomps Not Dead OG. It provides the user with a good amount of control and allows you to style a very natural looking pomp. Good stuff.

Pompadour Styled With Mr. Natty Pomade Wax

Sidepart Styled With Mr. Natty Pomade Wax


I like this stuff and it definitely gets my seal of approval. This one, along with Byrd and PND, are some of the best made mediumweight pomades I’ve been lucky enough to try out. They rightfully embody the concept of a medium hold oil-based pomade.

-James Bui A.K.A. The Pomp