Hey guys, so most of us are familiar with beeswaxes, but Murray’s makes a cream beeswax. I’ve never heard of something like this before. I mean I don’t see how they can put wax and cream together, and that’s exactly why I wanted to try this stuff out!

Murray's Cream Beeswax front label

It comes in a pretty big white plastic tub with a black screw-top lid. It says it’s a 6oz tub but it looks a hell-of-a-lot bigger than that! It looks like a 12oz or 14oz container. The wrap-around label features Murray’s signature colors, you guessed it yellow and orange with a little black thrown in there. It says “anti-itch formula” now I don’t have an itchy scalp but I’m sure it’s not gonna hurt none.

Murray's Cream Beeswax open can

Opening it up you see a bright white hair cream. No reminiscence of wax whatsoever. I had a few guys ask if it’s like the Lucky 13 Swagger Cream, by looks alone yes. The scent is very different tho. This one smells more like whipped cream, rather than a fresh clean scent.

Murray's Cream Beeswax

Scooping it out is almost exactly like Lucky 13. Very similar to hair conditioner in texture. Rubbing it between my palms it got really soft and kind of greasy.

Putting it in my hair was exactly like the Swagger Cream. However, when I combed it through my hair it left a bunch of white streaks! I hated the fact it took me three times as long to comb my hair because it streaks.

Murray's Cream Beeswax pomp

I did love how it turned out after I got all the white streaks worked in tho! I got some nice height with a little bulbous top to it. It stuck my hairs together differently than any other cream I’ve used too. It almost acted like the mouse stuff that chicks use does. Or how it looks like it works in chicks’ hair.

It also gave me a bit if volume as well as making my hair really soft and smooth. One of the only things I didn’t like about this cream was that it kind of gummed up on me after a couple hours. Not hardened like gel, but it turned into the texture of Dax’s Super Neat has in the can. Almost a cross between a water based and a medium pomade.

Murray's Cream Beeswax pomp

Kind of weird, but it wasn’t bad. I was able to recomb it and it held all day long. Some of my favorite things when it comes to pomades. I’m starting to like creams now that I’ve gotten my hands on some good ones. Makes me kinda stoked to try some other creams now!

This stuff also washes out with just a small dab of regular everyday shampoo. Without the shampoo your hair is left with a fine layer of the cream left. Basically this stuff is Lucky 13 Swagger Cream, only with a different smell and it doesn’t wash out with water only. It makes sense it would be similar since they’re both made by the same company.

So after everything I think I will be using this Murray's Cream Beeswax again and again in the future. If any of you guys are into hair creams you may want to give this stuff a go. It’s got a nice smell, good hold, adds some volume to your hair and is only like $4. And it’s made by Murray’s so you know it’s a quality product.

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