Hey guys, I’m back with another older pomade, well hair dressing actually. This time it’s Royal Crown Hair Dressing. Now I know I went backwards with these and did the pomade, which is a stronger hold, first. But it was for the 12 pomades of Christmas, so I had to for that little adventure in pomade-ing.

This stuff is one of the most classic hair dressings out there. It’s been around forever too, and been used by a lot of famous people. Along with it being a staple in our community, it actually is a great product in my opinion. On to the review of this fine product from the people over at J Strickland and Co.

Royal Crown Hair Dressing can

It comes is their common cardboard and metal tin. This one has a red background like their pomade with white lettering and a green banner in the center. It has the same design twice on the can. Above the green banner it says “Royal Crown” and below “Hair Dressing” and the weight info. Inside the green banner centered under the wording is their classic crown logo. To the right of the crown it says ” *Our Original Formula.” Last, in between the two layouts, it has the ingredient list. Lastly for the design of the tin, is their stamped lid. It’s stamped just like the White Rose was, and has the same layout. It has the crown in the center, above that it says “Royal Crown” and below it says “Hair Dressing.” I really love these stamped lids! They’re so unique and just badass!!

Royal Crown Hair Dressing open can

When you pull off the cool ass lid you see a nice white colored, greasy, hair dressing. This one is also aerated like their pomade was. And being a hair dressing you know it’s going to be light and greasy and shiny. Even in the tin it has a high gloss to it. The smell of this one is really hard for me to place. It definitely reminds me of my great grandpa, but it also has the smell of talc or soap or something old smelling but fresh smelling at the same time. It’s definitely a unique smell and oddly familiar, but the type of familiar you can never place where you know it from.

Royal Crown Hair Dressing

When I grabbed a finger out I knew exactly what it was going to be like, super light and super greasy. This one is by far the easiest pomade/hair dressing to scoop out. Out of any pomade out there. It’s so light and greasy that when I scooped it, my lady happened to ask me a question, and I turned to talk to her right after I snapped the picture. And as I was talking to her, this stuff started sliding off my finger! It’s that light and greasy, it’s awesome! And it is going to give my hair stupid amounts of shine.

Like with most greases out there, when you work this one in your hands it turns white. This one gets even greasier in your hands too, I didn’t think that was even possible. The scent kind of disappears almost when you work it around in your hands. Which to me was weird, I’ve never had a pomade do that before.

Royal Crown Hair Dressing pomp

I kept my hair really damp for the application of this hair dressing. I know it doesn’t have much hold, so I wanted to give it it’s best shot and keeping my hair in place by having my hair damp. Plus I just prefer to apply pomades to my hair when it’s damp. I know a lot of guys that apply to dry hair, but I just don’t like it. I prefer damp hair.

It went in really easy as I knew it would, easier than anything ever. Even easier than Levin’s super soft. Combing it was also really easy. Now I know I can’t pomp with this stuff so I didn’t even try. It just doesn’t hold your hair like that, and it’s not made to. So I just went for a gentleman’s part and slicked it back. You can really tell how greasy it is by how it sticks my hairs together and allows you to see my scalp in between the comb lines.

Royal Crown Hair Dressing pomp

Although it is a light hair dressing this stuff does stay in place most of the day for me. I only had to recomb it once and I decided to take a picture of my hair to show you how shiny this stuff can get. And this stuff is SHINY!! It kind of bums me out that the lighting at my work is better than my house for showing off the shine of pomades. Damn energy saving, eco-friendly light bulbs….you suck.

Royal Crown Hair Dressing

I decided to recomb it again when I got home from work the second day using it, when my roommate and I went out to eat. I threw on a hoodie and just combed it straight back. Now I normally don’t do this, because I don’t like the way it looks on me. However, we both had gone to see my barber Isaac Soto, over at Babbit’s here in the valley. And I gotta say that style didn’t look that bad on me that day, it’s starting to kind of grow on me. He took the picture, without me knowing, when I looked to see if our food was up and showed it to me. I was really surprise at how it didn’t look bad to me like it usually does. I may wear it like that every once in a while now.

Overall, this stuff is great. There isn’t really much else to say. Yeah it’s light and doesn’t have any hold for a pomp, but it’s perfect for slick backs, parts, and as a topper. It doesn’t have much scent in your hair so it can pair really well with a heavy scented base. Plus it’s a staple! And it’s been around forever! So head on over to your local grocery store, drug store or super market and pick up a tin of this stuff. It’s only a few bucks, $2-3 depending on where you go. And it looks really cool in a collection.

Keep it greasy fellas!