For the twelfth pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be….Royal Crown Pomade. Well this is the end of the 12 Pomades of Christmas, it’s been a fun little journey though! So this pomade is made by a fairly popular company, J Strickland & Co. This company has been around for a long time and is a staple in the rockabilly community. I myself have been using this pomade for a while now.

Royal Crown Pomade can

Just like with some of their other products this pomade comes in their 5oz cardboard tin, with the metal bottom and lid and cardboard sides. This one is all red with white lettering. In the center is “Royal Crown” with their crown logo. Below that it has ” * For Men * ” Then inside a white box it has “Pomade” and ” *an exclusive formula” in green lettering. On either side of that are 5 stripes. The lid on this one is all red and unstamped like Blue Magic.

Royal Crown Pomade open can

When I pulled off the lid I saw an aerated, super shiny, grease. This stuff is like chrome shiny in the tin. It looks almost white because of all the bubbles in it. It looks like it will be in between a light and medium hold that will have a lot of shine. The smell of this one totally reminds me of Christmas, because of my family’s traditions each year. We always make cinnamon pancakes, cookies and toast, and gramma makes apple cider. And this pomade smells exactly like cinnamon and sugar. It also has a slight cinnamon roll smell to it.

Royal Crown Pomade

When I scooped this pomade out I was really surprised at how firm it was. It wasn’t like a usual grease, it was twice as hard. Almost like it was frozen or something. But at the same time, this stuff is greasy as hell! When I scooped it out the smell got another layer to it. It reminded me of my gramps, like the cologne he used to wear and the cinnamon sugar.

It got even greasier in my hands but stayed harder than most greases. Which really puzzles me, because it only has petrolatum, olive oil and fragrance in it. Those are the exact same ingredients in their hair dressing, and that’s significantly lighter than this one. And it’s harder than Vaseline or White Rose petroleum jelly.

Royal Crown Pomade pomp

It went in my hair harder than regular grease too. Not hard by any means, but definitely not as easy as their hair dressing or other light greases. And holy crap this stuff made my hair look like a mirror before I even combed it! Can’t wait to see the shine in the sun!

Now the hardness of it came into play when I was forming my pomp. I was able to get some decent height with this grease. More so than any other grease I’ve used so far. I really like the way it held nice and shined my hair up. And it held nicely all day long. I can see exactly why Cash used this pomade, and so many other guys for that matter. It’s really a great pomade.

Royal Crown Pomade pomp

Now during the summertime you will see some falling because of the heat. However, Royal Crown pomade combs right back into place very easily. And you comb it multiple times and it will just keep going back into place.

This is one of my favorite oil based pomades. It has a great texture, awesome smell, nice hold, really high shine and recombs very well. It’s not the easiest to find though. Out in AZ I can’t find it anywhere. I’ve had to get friends to buy me cans of it. But go check your local beauty supple store or supermarket and they may carry it.

Merry Grease-mas to all, and to all a good night!