Alright, so after a request from a friend of mine, I had a little extra cash and I bought Schmiere’s shampoo to try it out. I waited until I used one of their products to try it out though since it’s made by them and I’m guessing it works with their pomades. So the past couple days I used their special edition knupplehart Prison Blues and I’m going to wash it out this morning with their shampoo so I can have a clean slate for a new pomade to try out today.

It comes is a tall semi-clear plastic bottle with a really unique screw top lid. It has two rectangular labels on it. The front one has their bird, but it’s just his skull this time and some cross bones underneath his skull. It says “Schmiere-Ex Shampoo” on the front above and below the raven. At the bottom it says “XXX particularly fat-dissolving XXX” or at least that what my translator said it was. Then at the very bottom it says “Schmiere-your days are numbered.” The back label has the same stuff plus a long blurb about something and has some dates from the early 1900′s.

Rumble 59 Schmiere-Ex Shampoo front label

Opening it up, you can kind of see the unique lid it has. Sorry my camera just wouldn’t focus for some reason. And it has a shampoo smell to it, nothing special about it. Which really bums me out cause I thought it would a really cool smell like their pomades do, but no such luck. Oh well, it’s just shampoo.

Rumble 59 Schmiere-Ex Shampoo cap off

Squeezing it out of the bottle the color looks very different from when it’s in the bottle. In the bottle it looks kind of like a lighter royal blue, but when you get it out of the bottle it’s the exact same color as Suaves Groom & Clean. It almost has the same texture too, just more watery than Groom & Clean.

Rumble 59 Schmiere-Ex Shampoo

Now as you can see my hair is full of pomade and I just woke up, major bed head and sleepy eyes. So some of the pomade already came out on my pillows from me sleeping and rolling around. So this stuff should get the rest out.

Rumble 59 Schmiere-Ex Shampoo hair

I jumped in the shower and lathered up my head. Which this shampoo gives a nice rich froth to your hair but at the same time it’s a very airy and light froth too. As I was rubbing it all around my hair and my scalp it seemed to be working, my hair felt like it was getting degreased. I rinsed it out and that’s when I noticed that not all the pomade had come out. Some did, but not nearly all of it. So I did the whole “lather, rinse, repeat” cycle twice and still the same result most of the pomade was still in my hair.

You can clearly tell in the after picture that my hair still ha quite a bit of pomade in it. I look like I should be in a Tim Burton movie the way my hair stuck out every where. That’s gotta be how he gets his own and his characters hair to look like that. I wonder what kind of pomade he uses?

Rumble 59 Schmiere-Ex Shampoo hair

Well back to the correct subject. I was pretty bummed out this shampoo didn’t really work. Im not going to be able to try a new pomade today, so I am just throwing something shiny on my head for my last day of work out here. And for the company dinner tonight with the owners of the company. I have to look sharp for the big wigs right, gotta make a good lasting impression?!

Now it’s made by Schmiere so it’s gotta work with getting out at least one of their pomades. Well I would surely think it does anyway. So I’m going to keep trying it after every pomade of theirs I use until I find out which one it gets out so stay tuned to find out which one it gets out!

Stay greasy guys