Today’s pomade is Schmiere Special Edition Hart “Garage Grease.”

On the tin is their classic black bird, but on this one he has a racer’s helmet with goggles on and next to him it says “Garage Grease.”

Rumble 59 Schmiere Hard Hold Pomade top label

Opening the tin you see a nice vibrant green color to the pomade. When you take a whiff of the green grease you get a lovely sweet, floral soapy scent. It reminded me of this hand soap my grandmother always had that I was never allowed to use.

Rumble 59 Schmiere Hard Hold Pomade open can

Scooping this stuff out was not the easiest. It’s got a waxy consistency and is a little harder than their mittel hold. It did soften up just like the Mittel in my palms, but with a waxy feel to it.

Rumble 59 Schmiere Hard Hold Pomade

Putting it in my hair, it goes in as easy as the Mittel, but was a little harder for me to comb into all of my hair. Far easier than Murray’s, but not as easy as the medium pomades out there. Overall I like how it went in and spread throughout my hair!

Rumble 59 Schmiere Hard hold Pomade pomp

Rumble 59 Schmiere Hard hold Pomade pomp

I was able to get some nice height with this stuff. It has a nice semi-gloss sheen to it. I do like more shine than it gives, but at least it’s not a matte pomade. My hair was a little unruly today and I couldn’t get the front to do what I wanted it to! The crown didn’t want to stay and I had a gap in the right side of the front, but it wasn’t because of the grease. I just had a bad case of bed head.

Rumble 59 Schmiere Hard hold Pomade pomp

So my judgement on this special edition from the rumble 59 line? Really like this stuff! My wife doesn’t like the smell that much so I probably won’t wear it around her, but I will use it as often as I can!

To close this review up I have one more outburst I have to share. I used this stuff on the first day of the annual Arizona hardcore fest “Within These Walls” and it held up great! After 5 1/2 hours of moshing pretty hard for 8 different bands, I was still able to comb a pomp!!! Holy crap this stuff is awesome! Granted my pomp wasn’t as high as it was when I combed it in the morning. I was still able to get a decent do going!

You guys should go grab a tin of this stuff, it will be one of the best greases in your collection!

Til next time!