Alright, back with a Rusak No 2 pomade review! This pomade I found about on ATP, what a surprise huh? I then proceeded to contact them about their pomades, and I got a very quick response. I inquired about buying their stuff to review and they hit me back with “just cover the shipping.” Which I promptly said an excited “okay” to. This stuff comes all the way from Russia, however, the shipping wasn’t very much at all. I think it was like $10 or $11 maybe. Thank you very much guys. Now let’s get to the review!

This pomade is packaged in a slightly familiar tin, but it’s much smaller than the normal one. It’s a tin that looks like the Bone Crusher/ Grant’s tins, but it’s about half the size. However, it’s not flat like the Crown pomade was, it’s just smaller. There is only the lid label and a small can wrap on it. The can wrap is super simple, it just has “Medium Hair Pomade” on it. The top label is a little more eye-catching. It has a jack rabbit with boxing gloves on in the center. It’s kind of depicted in a picture frame looking circle with filigree around the outer edge of it and “No.2″ at the bottom. In the same lettering as the can wrap it has the name of the pomade up by the rabbits head. One guy said that it looks like a wallaby, but I think that it’s a jack rabbit. You guys will either have to make up your own mind, or ask the makers which animal is on it.

Rusak No 2 Pomade

When you open the tin you see a yellowish-brown looking pomade. To me it kind of looks like High & Tight awesome hold by DAX. Maybe it will work like that stuff does!! This stuff doesn’t have very much of a smell to it at all. I do detect a very slight soapy bergamot sent to it, but it’s very faint. I have to really really smell in order to pick it up. Otherwise, at first sniff it doesn’t smell like anything. Having white smelling pomades isn’t a bad thing, they are really good to use when you want the smell of your aftershave to last for a long time and not be overpowered.

Rusak No2 Pomade open can

When I scooped it out I immediately thought that Murray’s had made this pomade. It feels exactly like Nu Nile! And that’s definitely a good thing for me because I love that stuff. Come to think of it, it looks like a darker version of Nu Nile on the surface! I will say this one had a slightly smoother texture and appearance though when I scooped it out. I really do like the texture of the pomade a lot! In my hands it also felt almost exactly like Nu Nile. Had the same creamy feel with a nice tacky resistance to it. Once I got in my hands and rub it around the soapy bergamot set started to increase a little bit. I also dated a slight floral note as well, but it was a very soft floral not. Not something as abrupt as say lavender or jasmine is.

Rusak No 2 Pomade - finger scoop

The moment I applied it to my hair I began to wonder if this was in fact Nu Nile only darker and a different scent. It has so many of the exact same properties as that pomade does. Not a bad thing whatsoever, I love that pomade! It’s just so similar to Nu Nile, it could easily be it’s sister or something. Crazy. Definitely loving this stuff so far. Combs beautifully. Has a nice tacky resistance to it, you see the shine right out of the gate like with Nu Nile, yet allows for really easy and fast combing. I’d say the biggest difference combing wise, was it wasn’t quite as hard to comb in at first.

I noticed another difference when I went to comb my pomp. It had turned quite soft after combing it in. With it being softer I didn’t think I could comb it as high as I was able to. But I got pretty much the exact same result, height, look, and shine wise as I did with Nu Nile. So I was really happy with it. My hair didn’t really seem to move much at all throughout the day either. I checked my hair a few times and only noticed a couple tiny gaps at the end of the day. Not bad! I’m very impressed with this pomade so far.

JC Hillhouse hair styled with Rusak No 2 Pomade

Now for the true test. Second day, with build up, let’s see how it does. Not very much came out of my hair during sleep and my shower. More so than Nu Nile, but not very much. With the pomade already in my hair, the second day it was a lot easier to comb. I noticed some more shine as well. I was able to comb a more solid and full pomp than the first day. I didn’t think that was possible, because I thought it was pretty sharp the first day. But it did improve the second time around. It held even better all throughout the day too. No gaps at all, even at the end of the day. This pomade sure is great. It’s quickly moving up my “favorites I’ve ever used” list. I’d say it’s right behind Nu Nile right now. I’ll have to see how I like it in the future when I use it again.

Rusak No 2 Pomade is definitely a pomade you guys have to look in to. It’s really a great pomade. The only thing I can really find that I’m not loving about it is the fact that I don’t have much left. I wish it was in a bigger tin or that I had a few more tins. I will just have to order some I suppose. Thank you guys so much for that, the pomades, and giving me the opportunity to review them. I will absolutely be purchasing more in the future! Great stuff you guys have! Don’t sleep on this pomade guys! Keep it greasy,