"Waxy But Not Too Waxy" -By James Bui

Schmiere Pomade Review

Everyone and anyone who’s ever looked up pomades across the internet has definitely come across Schmiere pomade and wondered about it. Not because it’s from Germany. Not because of anything they’ve heard. But rather, because of it’s packaging. It caters (and does it well) to the rockabilly and psycho-billy subcultures.

And so, as logical to what my blog stands for, it never ranked very high on my list of prospective pomades to try. BUT! When the opportunity to try some out presented itself, I could not hep but to try it out and yes, I was actually impressed with the product. It turned out to be a well-balanced pomade that gave very good strength, adequate control, and a light sheen — not a novelty jar to sit on the shelf and collect dust.

Schmiere Pomade Can Uncapped

When you first open up the jar and feel up on the pomade, it might set you back a little bit because of how firm it is. But, make sure you really press into the product and you’ll notice it shearing. It’s actually not as firm as I had initially thought and what others led me to believe.

So, removing the product from the jar wasn’t a hassle at all. Once you start smearing it all up in your hands, that’s when you really start feel and sensing the wax in the product. Like Lockhart’s Heavy, the wax will become present but will not over dominate. I don’t know what it’s been lately, but I haven’t had much issues with heavy products anymore. All the ones I’ve tried recently have been relatively smooth. Schmiere Hart is no different.

Time. Styling with Schmiere Hart required the average amount. Though you would imagine things to be very fast with a strong product, that’s not how it is. With a heavy product like this, I have to spend more time creating the shape. Whereas with a light product, I have to spend more time getting the height. But as long as it doesn’t take me more than a few minutes to style, I’m cool with it.

Slickness. For a heavy pomade, this stuff is actually pretty slick. It had a light sheen which was a very nice touch. Also, I didn’t get many stray hairs while using this product as I usually do with other wax-heavy pomades.

Strength. In comparison to other heavy weight pomades I’ve tried, Schmiere Hart sits slightly above average in the hold category. The wax definitely performances its duty here. However, it’s a balanced product, so if you add too much, then you’ll start negating the hold benefits gained from the wax.

Sidepart Styled With Schmiere Pomade

Pompadour Styled With Schmiere Pomade

Overall, it is a very well made pomade. Typically, I only seen it with homebrewed heavy products, but Schmiere Hart was a very good product. If Lockhart’s Heavy is too strong for you and the Goon Grease is too light, then Schmiere Hart is kinda like a hybrid of the two — a halfway mark. It definitely has a place on my shelf.

As with many other times, I am able to fulfill your guys’ requests thanks to Mr. Pomade of Pomade.com and show you guys what I think of the pomades you wanna hear about.

-James Bui, A.K.A. The Pomp