Hey guys, I’m back on a more regular reviewing schedule now that everything has been taken care of. I am starting a couple lines as of now and will kind of bounce around between them. This time it’s a line of pomades coming from one the best Tattooers out there, Mr. Joe Capobianco. I’m starting with his Slicker thn Hell pomade first.

Slicker Thn Hell Pomade top label

After finding out he made his own pomades I had to get in touch about getting some. So I emailed him and got a response that same day, making an awesome first impression. He said he needed my address and that he would get me out some samples straight away. So I emailed him back with my address and a thank you. A week later I got my samples.

Slicker Thn Hell Pomade bottom label

Now he didn’t send me the regular size, but he did send me the stickers of each pomade which I showed above. This sample comes in a little 1oz slip cover tin with a sticker on the lid. The sticker is a white rectangle with red and black writing. The red is “Slicker thn Hell Hair Pomade Sample.” The black is their website. In the regular label it’s black with yellow writing. In the center it says “Slicker” in some badass lettering with “thn Hell” just underneath it in the ring. Above it is “Pomade” in the ring around the “slicker.” On either side are some stars, above the ring it says “cause chicks dig it slick,” and below it is the website.

Slicker Thn Hell Pomade open can

When I opened the little tin I saw the creamy yellow pomade. It looks kind of like banana pudding in color, just not as shiny. The scent on this pomade a sweet ginger smell with a kind of citrusy acidic after scent, at least that’s what I pick up from it. Great smell, kind of reminds me of a nice chai tea.

Slicker Thn Hell Pomade

I went to go dig my finger into the pomade and I pulled out a very soft pomade. I was kind of expecting that because the name is “Slicker thn Hell” after all. The texture reminds me a lot of Levin’s super soft, which really bummed me out. That pomade didn’t do anything for my hair and I don’t think this one will either. But hey, it will make an amazing smelling topper!! Let’s get to it.

I rubbed it around and it surprisingly didn’t lose its texture and get oily like I thought it would. Maybe it will hold more than Levin’s! As I started to put it in my hair I was quickly reminded of Royal Crown Hair Dressing, it went in the exact same. And the smell really exploded as I was combing it around which was also very easy to do. Just like combing any light pomade. It distributed very quickly which was nice for me.

Slicker Thn Hell Pomade pomp

As I started to try and sculpt a pomp I was shocked at how high I was able to go. I got it to a nice medium pomp!! This stuff really came out of left field with its hold. I was super stoked at how it held my hair. And this stuff is shiny!! Very happy with this pomade all around so far, great job with this one Joe! It held all day long too, the only time it lost any of its hold was when I went for a bike ride. It was pretty windy and over 90° outside so the pomade got pretty soft. However it recombs very easily and goes right back into place so I was good.

Slicker Thn Hell Pomade pomp

After a great first impression with this pomade I couldn’t wait to see how it was the second day. So I greased up as usual and was pleasantly surprised at how high my hair was the second time around. Another full inch taller than last time. The build up with this pomade is really really nice, it gives you a little more control without being too tacky in your hair. And like the first day it held all day long, and shone like a new penny. I could smell my hair all day long the second day, one thing I really dig about pomades.

I gotta say, I was really surprised by this pomade! More so than any other pomade I’ve used. I totally expected this to be only good as a topper or for slick backs and gentleman’s parts. But nope, this stuff holds a tall pomp!!! Fantastic job with this pomade Joe you really knocked it out of the park!! I can’t wait to try the next one and see what’s in store with it. You guys absolutely have to try this pomade!! Thanks again for send these out to me! Catch you guys at the next one!