Steadfast Pomade is a vision of creator and owner Cris Cervantes. During his time in the military, he traveled to different parts of the world experienced different cultures, and noticed a common ground between everyone, which is hair. Everyone, for the most part, cares about their hair. Barbershops and beauty salons are always filled with folks, regardless of where he was. He himself had tried many products through his journey. Though he had some brands of pomade that he used on a daily basis, he just wasn't completely satisfied with them. He felt that there was something missing from each of them. So, after his 11 years of service to his country, he decided to begin a new journey and create his own pomade and thus giving life to Steadfast Pomade. 

Our logo design is not only based on our military background but also our journeys in life. There is much symbolism behind the imagery of our logo. The Ship represent the journey we are partaking on, it is crashing through the waves to show that we will follow through and not let anything get in our way of our dreams. The Anchor is a symbol of stability and loyalty. The Sun represents life and giving life, which we have done to our products. The Nautical Starsare a symbol of home, which represent that where ever this journey may take us, we shall never forget where home is and we will stay true to ourselves. The Red Rings around the design are to show our efforts to create our products, all of our blood and sweat has been placed into our product and now we are complete. 

Our products are proudly made in the USA and are cruelty free. We strive to bring you the best grooming products and take pride in giving you the best customer service available. We would like to listen to our customers needs and attempt to do our best to satisfy those needs. This goes to our daily consumers as well as our retailers. We wouldn't be here without any of you and we want you to know that.

We came from humble beginnings and know the difficulties of day to day living. That is the basis behind our prices. We would like to keep our prices as reasonable as possible. This way you as you are not struggling to make ends meet just because you want to buy a hair or grooming product. These are luxuries in life and we would like for everyone to have and enjoy them as much as we do. 

Steadfast Pomade strives to stay true to its name. Our product name has double meaning. The definition explains our mission as a business, but it also describes our product. We strive to stay loyal to our customers and business partners, as well as keep loyal to our product and maintain  your hair firm, unwavering, and immovable. We hope to achieve this for you and we hope you decide to "Keep it Steadfast!"