I’m finishing up Suavecito’s hair care products with their Brilliantcreme today.

Suavecito Brillantcreme front label

They really changed up their packaging with this one. I expected them to put it in a tub like their pomades do, but it’s in a pump bottle instead. The bottle is amber colored, like their pomade color is, with a pump for the lid, like a lotion bottle has. Pretty cool packaging, I’ve never seen a cream in this type of bottle before. It has just one label on it that wraps around the bottle. On the front is their name in their signature font and their skeleton greaser is back on this label! They have “Brilliantcream” under the name and to the left is the ingredient list and company info.

I decided not to open it because the opening is so small and wouldn’t really show what the cream looks like in the bottle. I pumped some of the cream out, I was totally expecting it to be difficult to get out being a cream, but it wasn’t at all! It was actually thinner than most creams out there and is really similar to lotion in consistency. Being a cream, it’s a bright white color, as most are. And also like creams this one has a fresh scent to it, but this one is more musky fresh like their pomades.

Suavecito Brillantcreme

In my hands it feels almost exactly like lotion in texture. Very light, creamy and kind of silky. It didn't soak into my hands or anything like lotion though so don’t worry about it doing that when you use it.

When I ran my hands through my hair I got exactly what I expected. It was like running my hands through my hair with water. Being so light I’m curious as to if its going to hold at all. Most creams do so hopefully this one will be like the rest and give me some hold. Only time will tell though, so lets get to it.

When I combed my hair it actually had some resistance despite its super light texture. I did have a slightly hard time combing all the streaks out at first, but they disappeared almost instantly after I combed my hair for a minute. It was weird they wouldn’t go anywhere at first, then poof they were gone.

Suavecito Brillantcreme Pomp

I did get a little bit of height to my hair. A little more than I expected to get because of how light the texture was in my hands. And I’m loving this cream a lot for how shiny it makes my hair!!! It’s a nice high sheen! Another thing that I got that I didn’t expect was an all day hold. Now it wasn’t a strong hold by any means, but my hair did stay in place all day. A few hairs came out of place, but I just recombed my hair and they went right back.

Suavecito Brillantcreme pomp side

I decided to use a little more the second day to see how much hold I could get. I know some of you guys use a lot of pomade/cream and some don’t so I wanted to show how it works for both. I was able to get another 1/2″ height wise with just one more pump of the bottle. It did take me a little longer to comb out the streaks with more cream in my hair. However, it held a lot better with more in my hair, so it was fine by me.

Suavecito Brillantcreme

The second day it also had quite a bit more shine, which I really liked! This stuff really gives my hair a nice glisten. And it held all day long as well the second time I used it.

Just like other creams out there this one is washable with just water. And it washes out super easy with just just water, unlike a lot of other creams out there. This one also doesn’t leave a film on your hair like others do. It just leaves your hair silky smooth when you rinse it out. So it’s great for conditioning your hair after using products that dry your hair out.

I think this Suavecito Brilliantcreme is my new favorite cream and Suavecito product! I really loved everything about this cream. From its packaging, to the smell, texture, ease of application and combing, along with its hold and especially the shine, and finally the way it softens and conditions my hair. If you guys like creams I highly recommend trying this one out! 

Stay fresh fellas,