"Light & Refined" -By James Bui

Taylor Of Old Bond Street Hair Wax Pomade

When I first saw this product, it immediately caught my eye because I recognized the brand: Taylor of Old Bond Street. They’re more commonly known for their shaving cream, but it looks like they’re making a move to cover hair styling too. And as you all already know, I’m always interested in checking out a pomade that doesn’t cater strictly or specifically to the rockabilly market. This is because they usually offer some different or have a unique characteristic to themselves.

So, this is it…Taylor of Old Bond Street Hair Wax for Gentlemen. Unlike the video, we’ll refer to it here as TOBS Hair Wax for short since this is the effing longest name ever. It comes in a clean and smooth white plastic 3.5 oz. jar. The label is printed onto a sticker that’s wrapped around the jar…I think it would have been much slicker to have it printed directly on but whatever. It’s a good size and solid jar.

Taylor Of Old Bond Street Hair Wax Pomade Uncapped

Opening it up, you got the pomade itself. It looks a lot like Black & White and as I explain more later on, B&W will be its closest relative — with TOBS being superior.

I’m somewhat still scarred by the smell of B&W and so the appearance of TOBS put me off a little bit. However, once I caught its scent, I was pleased to discover it was much better. It has a lotion and coconut type of smell that is present but definitely not over-dominating to any extent.

Application of this pomade was real simple and easy. I would definitely categorize this product in the light arena. And as so, it applies like a light grease — effortless scooping out of the jar and easy spreading throughout the hair. Out of the jar, it is a semi-transparent waxy paste. In the hands, it becomes creamy goop. Then, in the hair, it is a light and slick pomade.

Time. This is a light pomade, so it is meant for gifted hands and either way, will take time to style with. It makes no difference to me. But this pomade will probably require slightly above average time to style every morning.

Slickness. TOBS Hair Wax is pretty damn slick. You’ll see in the photos.

Strength. It’s a light pomade. So, there’s trade offs. You give up strength for extra slickness. BUT! In comparison to other light pomades, this baby is like a hybrid between Grandad’s Lightweight and Lockhart’s Light.

Pompadour Styled With Taylor Of Old Bond Street Hair Wax Pomade

Side Part Styled With Taylor Of Old Bond Street Hair Wax Pomade

Taylor Of Old Bond Hair Wax Pomade, as you can see in the photos, allows me to style a pretty nice pomp. There’s something with this product that also makes your hair real soft. It’s niceeee. So, that brings up a point that it’s definitely useful for many other styles.

Overall, it’s a great product. If some of you guys are trying to introduce yourself to light pomades, this would be a good option to look into.

-James Bui A.K.A. The Pomp