The Daimon Barber was founded in 2013 by brothers Leo and Daimon, with the focus of bringing the world of classic gentlemen’s grooming back into the UK consciousness in a fresh and non-gimmicky way.
Leo and Daimon (brothers from different mothers) grew up in different cities, under different circumstances, with different parents and many different influences, and only really got to know each other as young adults due to family circumstances. Despite the clear differences in upbringing however, genes do not lie, and immediately they became close friends, perhaps missing out on all the troubled childhood arguments and resentment that many siblings have. As a result they formed an incredibly strong bond with many similarities to one another, and the same drive and passion for things in life.
Daimon has been a traditional barber by trade for a number of years, and both he and Leo have always had a keen interest in the male style and fashion world. They realised together that there was an obvious gap in the current UK market for classic men’s grooming products of style and functionality, which weren’t impeded on by ridiculous gimmicks (and silly moustache prints everywhere…) It seemed that although there was a growing interest in the male grooming industry and it’s somewhat shy revival, it still wasn’t taken seriously enough and invested in properly.
The Daimon Barber brand focuses on timeless quality and style whilst implementing progressive ideas with natural ingredients, to achieve a fresh and exciting platform for the new era of gentlemen.