"Simple Done Right" -By James Bui

I feel like every single pomade I’ve reviewed lately, I say it’s been a long awaited one. Suavecito. Steadfast, Bona Fide. And now, we’re taking a look at The Iron Society (TIS) Firm Hold. If you guys hadn’t noticed, I’ve been covering my tracks and cleaning up old reviews. This one is no different.

When TIS came out a few years ago, it was a huge hit right away. The look, the aura, the product itself, and the barbershop that makes it…these all play into the feel of this pomade. It caters to an intended user and caters well.

The Iron Society Firm Hold

The presentation of this product is one of the most beautiful and well-designed jars out there. Brown-tinted glass jar with a smokey and highly-customized label. It’s literally a trophy on your bathroom counter or in your medicine cabinet.


Honestly, I’m eeehhh about the scent. It’s a strong and spicy aroma with a good hint of smokiness. It’s masculine scent but unlike many others…it is definitely a more-rugged type of smell. Kinda as though you’ve been out by a campfire all day type of deal.

The Iron Society Firm Hold Pomade


It’s strange because this product is actually softer than the original hold. Or at least, it doesn’t have a waxy top layer that’s a little tough. The product is easy to scoop out BUT this jar, though beautiful to look at, is a bish to scoop pomade out of. Truly. A bish.


TIS Firm Hold is actually not a super waxy pomade, which makes it very easy to work with. Imagine a greasy pomade without the greasiness. Weird right? But…think of it as a clean greasy pomade. The smooth creaminess of an oil-based pomade without oily feeling.


It’s pretty damn slick. It will capture all your stray hairs, but there’s something off about it. The pomade doesn’t do well grabbing itself. What I mean is that you’re gunna be very prone to getting splits in your pomp.


Very good shine. Just look at the photos. It's truly some of the most well-balanced shine I've ever seen.


I’d describe as a touch lower than Grandad’s Old Fashioned (medium). This has to do with how greasy of a pomade this one is instead of being a waxy one. You can style a medium-to-low pompadour with this product. The shape will still be honestly less than adequate. As a greasy pomade, it’s relatively heavy and will weight itself down in a way.

The Iron Society Firm Hold The Pomp

The Iron Society Firm Hold The Pomp

The Iron Society Firm Hold The Pomp


It does an okay job in terms of keeping the pompadour safe and tall the entire day. Either way, this shouldn’t be too much of a concern when using an oil-based pomade because we can always restyle it. No problem.


Very easy.

Build-up Quality

One of the best actually…it has a high-quality, waxy buildup that makes styling in the following days better and better.


Despite being a greasy pomade, it has a real clean feel.

The Iron Society Firm Hold The Pomp

The Iron Society Firm Hold The Pomp

The Iron Society Firm Hold The Pomp


TIS Firm Hold (and the rest of their line) have a shit load of hype to live up to…and does it? Simply no. By expectations, we should literally expect a 20 out of 10. It’s almost impossible for this pomade to live up to the way everyone talks about it.

But does that mean it’s not a good product? No. It’s a great product and it receives my seal of approval.

-James Bui A.K.A The Pomp