Imperial Classic Pomade Review

Imperial Classic Pomade is a thick water soluble pomade with heavy molding power. This water melon scented hair pomade grips so tight when combing it through I found it necessary to dampen my hair (for my hair type and style). With so many pomades on the market today, the question always comes up, "What is so different about THIS pomade aside from the scent and the packaging?". To the pomade connoisseur the answer is, "a lot". This is a heavy weight water based pomade. This means that it has a strong hold after setting, and it also means that it has a very thick consistency. Heavy weight pomades typically have less water in them than average pomades, giving them extra gripping power over the most stubborn of hair. Many novice pomade users are under the impression that stronger is always better, but my opinion is different. I recommend this pomade to people with extra thick and wavy/curly hair, because that's what it is designed for and that's where the difference comes in. If you have regular hair or find yourself wetting your hair to comb this stuff in, you are probably going to classify it as "just another water pomade". Needless to say, Imperial Barber Products are top shelf goods.



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