Imperial Classic Pomade

Imperial Classic Pomade is a thick water soluble pomade with heavy molding power. With so many pomades on the market today, the question always comes up, "What is so different about THIS pomade aside from the scent and the packaging?". To the pomade connoisseur the answer is, "a lot"... Read the full review here

Imperial Fiber Pomade

Imperial Fiber Pomade is designed to be a medium water-soluble pomade with the same classic water melon scent. The first thing one might notice is the texturizing metallic flakes inside the creamy pomade, a unique characteristic amongst the water based pomade family. Another interesting trait, Imperial Fiber Pomade is also designed... Read the full review here

Slick Devil Pomade

Slick Devil Pomade is an impressive water soluble pomade that has a nice mix of desired characteristics amongst pomade connoisseurs.  It's fragrance is designed to smell like a combination of vanilla and tobacco leaves, giving it a more natural scent rather than that of a sweetened body lotion. Slick Devil's thick consistency suggests... Read the full review here

Murray's Edgewax

Murray's Edgewax is creamy and combs in soft like a gel. Edgewax has a clean high end shampoo scent, and washes out with water. Edgewax dries hard with a moderate shine, but does not have the thick waxy consistency required to straighten extremely curly or wavy hair, making this pomade a better choice for people with normal straight hair. Read the full review here

John Allan's Blu

John Allan's Blu Pomade is a nicely packaged quality light hold water based pomade.  John Allan's Blu Pomade stands out from the crowd by leaving your hair soft, shiny and recombable much like light petroleum pomade. Blu scoops out like a runny wax, works into hair as easily as a cream and washes out with water. Read the full review here

Suavecito Strong Pomade

Suavecito Strong Hold Pomade is designed for the toughest of tough hair to train, and when applied to dry hair it does just that. It makes thick stubborn hair do what ever it is that you want it to. This pomade dries and sets in 10 to 15 minutes, boasts a moderate shine, and holds hard with a clean cologne scent until you rinse your hair with water. Read the full review here

Tres Flores Molding Pomade

Tres Flores greasless pomade has a very traditional scent and flexible light hold. When first scooped out of the jar it feels as if you are grabbing a glob of grease, but once it's worked into the hands it breaks down into a watery wax. Read the full review here

Tried And True

This Heavy Duty Molding Paste has an extremely thick and waxy consistency for ultra shaping power! Lucky 13 Tried And True pomade dries soft, has a very clean unisex perfume and washes out with water. Great medium hold for casual occasions and moderate conditions!

Medium Weight Brilliantine

JS Sloane Medium Weight Brilliantine is a wonderful tool to have in my arsenal. When applied to dry hair, this fresh scented medium strength water pomade provides a voluminous dry look.