Imperial Matte Pomade Paste Review

Imperial Matte Pomade Paste is designed to have no to low shine after application and a medium low hold. This white paste is thick and recommended to be applied to dry or damp hair, but I prefer to apply it to damp hair as it makes it easier to comb in. It has a sweet water melon scent that makes it very non-gendered and  is a refreshing change from all the perfumed pomades on today's market. I expected Imperial Matte Pomade Paste to dry shine free, but that's not how it worked out for me. It is possible that because I dampen my dark hair during the application process that it added a bit of shine to the dried result, but nothing compared to other pomades. Imperial Matte Pomade Paste's extra sticky consistency, low hold, and low shine makes me believe the designers intended this product to be for those who want a messy or natural look to their hair style. Imperial Barber Products have definitely earned their space on my shelf.



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