JS Sloane + Super Shine

Now that the work day is coming to an end I would like to add a little shine and height to my pompadour. A little water to reactive my JS Sloane and two fingers of Layrite Super Shine as a topper will do the trick!

Suavecito Original Pomade

Suavecito Pomade is one of my go to staple pomades and is among my top sellers with good reason. Suavecito's clean cologne scent and branding kick started it's popularity, but it maintains it's status because of its reliability and effectiveness. Suavecito Original Hold Pomade has a sticky yet creamy consistency that combs into even... Read the full review here

Imperial Matte Pomade

Imperial Matte Pomade Paste is designed to have no to low shine after application and a medium low hold. This white paste is thick and recommended to be applied to dry or damp hair. It has a sweet water melon scent that makes it very non-gendered and  is a refreshing change from all the perfumed pomades on today's market. Read the full review here

Cock Grease XXX

Cock Grease XXX Water Type Pomade is an excellent medium weight hair product. It's density allows for easy combing and the immediate holding power required to lock hair in place while styling. Once dried and set, this water-soluble pomade has a moderate shine and medium hard hold.

Blind Barber Pomade

The consistency and look of Blind Barber 90 Proof hair pomade can best be described as a thick white paste. It's soft unisex fragrance nicely compliments cologne's and perfumes alike. When combed into dry hair this pomade provides a medium-strong hold with a matte finish, and when combed into damp hair provides a medium hold and medium shine finish.

Lucky 13 Tru-Hold

Tuesday is my favorite day to use hair wax or petroleum based hair pomades. This week I have decided to use Tru-Hold Heavy Weight Wax, a Murray's product designed for the good ol' boys at Lucky 13. This pomade breaks down and recombs fairly easily considering its high wax content.