Anchors Pumpkin Spiced Pomade

Halloween is upon us and so are some great limited edition pomades. You’ve seen the Lockhart’s Fire & Brimstone blog, now it is time to check out this one by Anchors Aweigh Hair Co, or simply, Anchors.  

So it says Pumpkin Spiced, but I get a really pleasant slight gingerbread/ pumpkin/ vanilla scent thrown at me. It does contain Pumpkin Seed Oil and Cinnamon Oil, which Ben boasts are some of the most powerful hair growth promoting oils out.


A pomade that is easy to work with and apply, which we have come to know Anchors pomades by. Scooping it out will bring up full creamy scoops without any resistance. Proper application will not leave any white streaks. This is a comfortable pomade, that is, just a notch above a medium performance. The strength is there, the ability to recomb if one chooses to do so is there. The scent is wonderful, the presentation is on point, and it left my hair looking like I scored an A+ on an important test.




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