Bass Wood Combs, Calidog Pomade, Garage kept or road warrior car
"It gets the knots out better than my standard plastic comb. I love it." - Patrick K.
Ladies and gentleman do KNOT waste your valuable time. Is your hair at a length that needs a little extra love? Bass 100% bamboo comb is just the tool to De-tangle your locks and leave your hair looking good. Bass's bamboo combs have been a quality staple of the comb and brush market since 1979. All of their combs are high quality and work great across a huge range of different hair types.
Calidog Classic Oil Based Strong Hold Natural Pomade
Calidog Pomade is exactly what your scalp needs. Quench the thirst that scalp has yearning for. New to the Mr.Pomade stock, this is an all-natural, hand poured out of Long Beach pomade. With such goodness as coconut oil, jojoba oil, raspberry oil sandal wood oil, sweet orange oil, rosemary oil, spearmint oil. Be sure to read the full review of this pomade here.
Chevrolet Belair
Many people save for years to obtain, fix and perfect their adored vehicles only to have them as a show piece. Take out those beasts and go for a ride. If you have them drive them, there is no fun in having a garage ornament. Check out this 1956 Chevrolet Belair modified with a blower and some racing slicks, its just something about those tri-fives.



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