Marvis, Elvis and the beard brush
"Marvis is awesome, made by Proraso in Italy, so glad Mr Pomade started carrying it." -Lawrence W. Rich, Marvis Cinnamon Minth Toothpaste, a creamy toothpaste that offers a tingling sensation and removes plaque and tartar for a sparkling white smile. Cinnamon's exotic sweetness is enhanced by the refreshing taste of mint in a surprising, long-lasting aroma.
"I was told that a brush like this one would help keep down hairs on the sides and keep ‘em slicked back. It does just that and I’m glad I bought this." -Mark S. Get it in. pomades beard oil clays grease waterbase whatever your pleasure. Add a nice styling tool to your cache.
Many of us fellas have tried along the way at least once to do the doo. You know that Elvis hairstyle. The one where you can shake rattle and roll and it still looks good even if it falls out of place. Have you ever asked anyone with that style how long their hair really is? They will most likely run a strand from their head to their chin to show you. Elvis was one bad mama jama and a model person for great hair.



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