Founders Pomade - Inside The Jar

Another water based pomade in a white jar? There is clearly no lack of contenders fighting to put their specially formulated pomade on the market. What makes this water soluble pomade different from the next? For starters, this pomade was designed and "handmade" by barbers in Connecticut. Most of the newer pomades on the market seem to come out of California for whatever reason, but not Founders Pomade. These guys are staking the claim as the makers of "New England's Finest Grooming Products".

So what's actually different about this pomade? Aside from the simple packaging, the pomade inside the jar is extremely light in consistency and hold. It dries with a low to no shine, and could easily be mistaken for a hair gel. It is colorless and has a fragrance of a product that you might find in a salon, very neutral.

It remains to be seen if Founders Pomade will make it off the ground, as it's brand has only been around for 3 months or so, but the good news is that it has a chance. I can't speak for Connecticut, but here in California the gentleman's hair cuts are ever increasing in popularity. People will always have a desire to try something new and different. It's always interesting and fun to get my hands on new pomades made outside of the same box everyone else is thinking in. Maybe trying pomades from different parts of the country will satisfy my desire for something new... maybe.

Try Founders Pomade for yourself and be sure to review it and let us know what you think!



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