Railcar Pomade Is Here

I am proud to announce the release of Railcar Pomade! I just got back from Railcar Fine Goods' HQ in Arcadia, CA, and according to Steven Dang, Mr. Pomade is the first reseller to have Railcar... Continue Reading

Suavecita Pomade?

An exciting announcement rolled out on Suavecito Pomade's instagram today! They said very little, in fact, they said nothing. Suavecito posted the date 4/18/14, which suggests... Continue Reading

Founders Pomade

Another water based pomade in a white jar? There is clearly no lack of contenders fighting to put their specially formulated pomade on the market. What makes this pomade different from the next? Continue Reading

Railcar Pomade

Railcar Fine Goods, a hand built denim company, has announced that they are getting in the pomade game! Railcar Fine Goods is located in Arcadia, CA, and has scheduled the release of... Continue Reading

Prospectors Pomade

California does it again! I was recently approached by a new California based pomade company, and they had plenty of exciting news for us pomade enthusiast! I can't say much at this point... Continue Reading